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How to Remove Cigarette Odour

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Removing cigarette odour from your home.                       At Zen Carpet Cleaning, we value a stress-free life. Everybody has his or her own ways of relaxing and winding down. For many of us, unfortunately, that means smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoke has a horrible smell, and that smell has the tendency to linger in our homes. The irony of the situation is, this impure smell in the air will actually add to your stress. The value of breathing in clean, pure, smoke-free air is immeasurable. Zen believes you deserve to breathe in…

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Rug and Carpet Trends

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The latest rug and carpet trends.                    Rugs and carpets make our homes look warm, cozy, and inviting.  Often times they complete a room. They can make a space pop with colour, or help to highlight other pieces of furniture. At Zen Carpet Cleaning, we love our rugs and carpets. In fact, it’d be hard to picture a space without them! If you’re looking to add a new rug or carpet to your home, this is the guide for you. Zen Carpet Cleaning has assembled a list of rug and carpet trends,…

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