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How To Get Honey Out Of Your Upholstery

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Honey tends to get very sticky as it begins to dry making it even harder to remove from your upholstery so it is recommended to follow these steps as soon as possible for the best results. 1. If there is an excess amount of spilt honey, scrape as much of it off as you can. 2. Turn the fabric inside out (if it can be removed) and run cold water over it in attempt to flush out as much of the left over honey as possible. 3. Before washing the honey stained item, pretreat the stain with a laundry prewash…

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Tips To Help Keep Your Carpet Clean This Summer

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In the summer, carpets get quite dirty from all the activities going on such as: Family Visits Cookouts Children home from School all day Luckily professional Carpet Cleaning from Zen Carpet Cleaning can help keep those carpets looking like new, no matter what all your carpet may go through. Here are also some great tips to help keep the carpet as clean as possible:   Shoes Off An easy way to help keep dirt off your indoor carpets is by asking all family members and visitors to remove their shoes as they enter your home. Most people know what a…

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red wine spilling on a carpet

How To Remove Wine From Your Carpet

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How to get a wine stain out of your carpet The holidays are a magical time of year where family and loved ones come together to celebrate and be merry. But sometimes, in the midst of all the magic, tragedy occurs. While someone is passionately recounting a story, they spill their wine all over your carpet. Or maybe, you’re the culprit of the devastating crime. Don’t fret, Zen Carpet Cleaning is here for you. Things happen, wine spills, but that’s no reason to become a Scrooge! Here are some tips on how to remove a wine stain from your carpet

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area rugs

How to Take Care of a Viscose Rug

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Caring for and maintaining a viscose rug Viscose, also known as Rayon, is a rather temperamental type of fibre. Because it’s a plant-based fibre, it can easily mimic the look of other carpets such as cotton or silk. However, being plant-based also means it’s rather weak, and therefore more susceptible to wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to know how to maintain our viscose rugs. Zen Carpet Cleaning has provided you with a list of tips to ensure you’re not throwing out your rug just months after purchasing it.

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crushing cigarettes

How to Remove Cigarette Odour

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Removing cigarette odour from your home.                       At Zen Carpet Cleaning, we value a stress-free life. Everybody has his or her own ways of relaxing and winding down. For many of us, unfortunately, that means smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoke has a horrible smell, and that smell has the tendency to linger in our homes. The irony of the situation is, this impure smell in the air will actually add to your stress. The value of breathing in clean, pure, smoke-free air is immeasurable. Zen believes you deserve to breathe in…

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Upholstery Trends

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The latest upholstery trends.                                  Last week, Zen Carpet Cleaning provided you with a list of the latest rug and carpet trends. However, we know that your upholstery is just as important. A chair or a couch is not only essential to most rooms in the house, they’re also a reflection of a home’s character and overall ambiance. Interior decorating can be hard. Making final decisions about how you want your home decorated is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have a good…

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Rug and Carpet Trends

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The latest rug and carpet trends.                    Rugs and carpets make our homes look warm, cozy, and inviting.  Often times they complete a room. They can make a space pop with colour, or help to highlight other pieces of furniture. At Zen Carpet Cleaning, we love our rugs and carpets. In fact, it’d be hard to picture a space without them! If you’re looking to add a new rug or carpet to your home, this is the guide for you. Zen Carpet Cleaning has assembled a list of rug and carpet trends,…

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