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Silk: The Pros and the Cons

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Silk is one of the more sensual fabrics that is often used throughout the home for everything from curtains to a designer upholstery material for walls and furniture. One of the primary benefits of this material remains the elegant appearance and the classical yet luxurious look that it instantly adds to any home. There are quite a few benefits to investing in silk, or even faux silk. There are also quite a few downfalls that customers should be aware of before spending their hard earned money. Wear and Tear: Silk is known for showing normal wear and tear easier than…

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How To Clean A Microfiber Couch

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A microfiber couch is one of the best types of couches to have in your home, pet hair doesn’t stick to it, it doesn’t stain too easily plus it is pretty easy to clean. The only real problem of owning a microfiber couch is that water causes terrible watermarked stains. In order to help you avoid these stains, we are sharing one of our greatest cleaning strategies. What will you need? White Cloth Rubbing Alcohol Spray Bottle Deodorising Wipes (Baby Wipes also works fine) Hard Bristle Scrubbing Brush Hair Dryer Instructions: Fill the spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray…

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Upholstery Trends

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The latest upholstery trends.                                  Last week, Zen Carpet Cleaning provided you with a list of the latest rug and carpet trends. However, we know that your upholstery is just as important. A chair or a couch is not only essential to most rooms in the house, they’re also a reflection of a home’s character and overall ambiance. Interior decorating can be hard. Making final decisions about how you want your home decorated is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have a good…

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