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Saved by Portable Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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Finding portable carpet cleaning equipment that fits and caters to your needs is indeed possible since they come in a wide assortment of sizes with specific functions. They range from small spotter machines to industrial-size devices that can carry gallons of cleaning solution. Portable is the keyword in portable carpet cleaning equipment. The word seems to have been subject to a number of interpretations in this field. Some define it as a machine that can be picked up in one hand and that way carried from place to place. Others, mainly professionals, define it as a machine than can be…

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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Homes With Kids and Pets

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When you live in a home with kids, pets and their subsequent messes, the carpets quite often will start to look old and dirty long before they’re due. Following some very easy carpet cleaning tips by the Carpet Cleaning Vancouver crew (Zen Carpet Cleaning) will help your carpet return to that like new appearance and maintain it for many years to come, no matter what type of accidents or spills occur when the kids or animals are involved. The easiest tip to follow is to vacuum regularly and know that if you follow this tip religiously you can increase the…

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