Saved by Portable Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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  • January 17, 2017
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Finding portable carpet cleaning equipment that fits and caters to your needs is indeed possible since they come in a wide assortment of sizes with specific functions. They range from small spotter machines to industrial-size devices that can carry gallons of cleaning solution.

Portable is the keyword in portable carpet cleaning equipment. The word seems to have been subject to a number of interpretations in this field. Some define it as a machine that can be picked up in one hand and that way carried from place to place. Others, mainly professionals, define it as a machine than can be transported to different job sites after having hauled it into their van or truck.

Some machines are indeed small and light-weight enough to carry even in the trunk of your car like for example, a spotting type of portable carpet cleaning machine. You can find machines that are the complete opposite in size like the Stanly Steamer that is truck-mounted.

Moving Residential And Commercial Equipment

If searching for portable carpet cleaning equipment to be used solely in your home, a steam cleaner that has a built-in extractor that can clean and, at the same time, remove cleaning liquids. If not, two separate attachments can be used: one that allows you to steam clean and the other for extracting the liquid thus accelerating your carpet´s drying process.

Identical equipment is used commercially the only difference being that these are more heavy duty, made to resist frequent and constant use. Larger equipment might be required in some cases, with wheels that make their transportation and use much easier. Some are even self-propelled but still considered portable carpet cleaning machines since they can be transported to different locations by truck.

The notion of portability is quite a subjective one. A homeowner would probably define portable carpet cleaning equipment as that which is easy to carry and fits nicely in a closet. Professional, commercial-sized machines, however, can also be considered portable whether they are cleaning large or small areas. Portable carpet cleaning equipment isn´t limited to machines: bucket heaters (keeps liquids hot for steam cleaners), scrubbers, steam-cleaners, blowers (helps the drying process) are also considered portable carpet cleaning equipment.

The job that needs to be done, the stain that must be removed, is what will help you determine the proper portable carpet cleaning equipment for you. Visit and enquire in several stores and businesses and be sure you are able to handle the machine of choice according to instructions before you purchase it.
Source by Wendy Carmile


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