Myths And Facts About Carpet Cleaning

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  • January 10, 2017
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Your carpet is one of the biggest investments you have made in your home and because carpets are so pricey you always want to make sure it gets the proper cleaning and treatment that it deserves to help make it last as long as possible.

Lots of people look online to finding the best ways to help make their carpet last but with so much information out there and so many websites, it is hard to tell what are myths and facts about carpet cleaning.

So to help you out, our professionally trained carpet cleaning Vancouver technicians have decided to do their own version of Myth Busters and help you get to the truth behind it all.

  1. To keep your carpet looking new you should wait as long as possible to get your carpet cleaned.

    This would have been a fact a few years back due to the water extraction method did not exist yet so most of the times your carpet would remain wet and form a residue on it that would cause the residue material to rise up to the top while drying which would end up giving your carpet a dirty look.Nowadays with the new hot water extraction method that is used, nothing like that happens so it is now considered a myth.
  2. You do not need a professional carpet cleaner, your store bought home carpet cleaning machine is more than enough.All though having your own store bought home carpet cleaning machine is a great thing to have to help tackle regular stains, spills and other messes it is best when used to maintain your carpets as clean as possible between your professional carpet cleaning.A store bought home carpet cleaning machine does not possess enough power or suction to extract all the dirt from deep within the carpet without damaging the fibres so this is in fact a myth.
  3. Dry cleaning is better than steam or wet cleaning.Wet and steam cleaning are always better than dry cleaning because dry cleaning may leave a residue which steam cleaning won’t but if it is done properly, dry cleaning is undoubtedly┬áthe best process for carpet cleaning.

Hopefully these myths and facts help you to decide what is the best choices for your carpet.