Kill Carpet Mold Without Removing Your Carpet

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  • February 23, 2017
carpet mold

In most cases when having a problem with carpet mold, you have two options. The first is to remove the moldy carpet entirely or clean the carpet carefully with a natural carpet cleaning product. Since carpet removal may not be your option, cleaning the carpet with a natural solution that will remove mold spores, stains, and prevent them from coming back is where this helpful article will tell all.

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Cleaning Carpet Mold And Staining:

If you are to clean your carpet mold, then you need to consider the correct solution and understand what not to use. It is recommended to not use bleach. This will destroy the carpet, stain the carpeting, and leave harsh smelling odor that may be worse than carpet mold.

For carpet mold, you need a natural cleaning product that is formulated for fibers of the carpeting. You do not want to soak your carpet with to much water either. The solution is to use a natural cleaning product that has mold removing ingredients and encapsulate. The ingredients should be natural not to stain the carpets and must have preventive ingredients to prevent future staining and mold growth.

You see it is not enough to clean the topical area of the carpet. This may not totally prevent the black mold from coming back. At times you could see the mold in the carpeting grow back later in 4 to 6 weeks. This is the importance of the encapsulate. You will want to take this solution and spray it on the soiled area and allow to settle. While the natural cleaning product for carpet mold settles, it will begin breaking apart the DNA of the mold spores for the carpet. This will help for the next step which is blotting the mold on the carpet. You may also use a special Heppa vac if you have it. But to keep things simple, use a cloth or rag. And use one side of each rag for one stroke of cleaning the moldy carpeting. To kill carpet mold, the rag should be used only once for each mold stain, trying not to reuse the same side or area of the rag for each carpet mold spot.

Now after you carefully blot the mold and remove it from the carpet with a rag, you will want to make sure the black mold and mildew will not grow back in the carpet. Carpet mold is a tough enemy for households, because of the many fibers they settle on. Be sure to have a strong mold cleaning solution that can kill carpet mold and prevent future growth. This will help your carpeting as well as indoor air quality.

Also, there is one huge important tip. Try to look at the edges of your carpeting around where the source of the problem may have come from. Life the carpet and look at the tack strips below, they are wood pieces with tacks in them. These may have mold and mildew stains in them as well. Spray these down with a natural cleaning product that will kill mold and remove mold. This is another source for carpet mold and should be attacked.
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