How To Remove Wine From Your Carpet

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  • December 22, 2015
red wine spilling on a carpet

How to get a wine stain out of your carpet

The holidays are a magical time of year where family and loved ones come together to celebrate and be merry. But sometimes, in the midst of all the magic, tragedy occurs. While someone is passionately recounting a story, they spill their wine all over your carpet. Or maybe, you’re the culprit of the devastating crime.

Don’t fret, Zen Carpet Cleaning is here for you. Things happen, wine spills, but that’s no reason to become a Scrooge!

Here are some tips on how to remove a wine stain from your carpet

Blot, blot, blot

blotting a stain, removing a red wine stain with a paper towel


Make sure to do this as soon as the spill happens, even before the culprit has a chance to apologize! The longer the wine sits in your carpet, the more aggressive the removal process will have to become. Make sure you’re not rubbing it in-gently blot the stain instead.

Pro tip: start on the outside of the stain and work your way in. This will help prevent the stain from soaking in to the carpet fibres and permanently staining the carpet.


Club soda first, then salt.

club soda red wine removal


The salt strategy and club soda strategy are classics for a reason: they work. They’re more effective, however, if you employ them in the right order. For the most effective results, try the club soda strategy before the salt.

Simply pour club soda over the stain and let it sit for a little while before you blot again. This is also recommended if you’ve let the stain dry.






They say you should consume salt in moderation, the same does not work for your wine stain. Liberally pour salt over the stain (if the club soda didn’t already take care of it). We would suggest letting the salt sit over top of it for at least 3 hours. Once you’ve waited, vacuum up the salt. Hopefully, the wine stain should be gone!


Pour white wine on it

Wine spilling on to floor, wine spilling, white wine glass

This may seem counter productive, but it has worked in the past! It will help neutralize the stain. Use it in the same way you used the club soda.



We hope this helps you this holiday season! Please drink responsibly.