How To Care For Your Carpet After Flood Damage

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  • July 28, 2016
wet carpet

If you are the victim of a broken water pipe and your carpet has gotten flood damage, we have an easy way for you to remedy the situation all by yourself.

All you will need is a Carpet Shampooing Machine and a hair dryer or fan.

The first step is to move all objects that are sitting on top of the wet carpet so you have a large empty space to work in.

After you have moved all furniture, bring in the carpet shampooing machine, set it to suck the water in only, do NOT activate the shampooer feature) and pass it around the carpet until all the water has been sucked up.

Once that is done, pull out the hair dryer or fan and let the moist carpet dry off.

*  If the carpet was part of a severe flooding we highly recommend that you call Professional Carpet Cleaners to come out and do the job in order to help save your carpet.