Cleaning Tips For Cowhide Rugs

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  • March 21, 2017
cowhide rugs hide or other animal skin

Cowhide rugs are gaining popularity in the decorating world. Bring a little bit of the “Wild West” into your home with a natural cowhide rug. The rugs are offered in a variety of styles, shapes, colours, and designs. There is almost certainly a cow hide rug waiting for you to select it to complement your home.

The uniqueness of a cow hide rug draws people to gaze upon it and wonder why they don’t have one of their own. They have a visual appeal which is aesthetically pleasing to many people. Cowhide rugs that are natural in colour also have the advantage of fitting into almost any room’s d├ęcor as they are “room-neutral” in as far as colour tones go. On the other hand, the more daring interior designer can choose from cow hides that come in a multitude of colours and patterns. Some striking themes can be captured with the aid of cow hide rugs blended into the mix.

It is really very simple to provide care and cleaning for your cowhide rug. The major factor to keep in mind is to not let the cow hide get soaking wet. Only a small amount of soap and water is required to keep up with general maintenance of your rug. Use a sponge to gently clean any area that might have received a spill. Typically, regular vacuuming should keep your cowhide rug in good shape. It is possible to steam clean a cowhide rug if you are very careful not to allow too much water to accumulate on the hide during the process.

It is important to vacuum the rugs, though, periodically, because loose dirt that is allowed to accumulate in your cowhide rug can eventually damage your rug by constant walking. Steady traffic over loose bits of dirt particles can actually perform the action of “grinding” them into your rug, which you may never get back out and which could do significant harm to the leather.

A process used to tan the hides can involve chromium. Chromium, when applied by professionals in the correct manner, can also be an asset to keep your cowhide rug from shedding or cracking. Argentina and Brazil are two countries that have become famous for tanning their cowhide rugs in this manner. French and American rugs are growing in demand as well. Cowhide rugs are very durable and can last for generations if cared for properly. A cow hide rug that has been tanned professionally tends to stand the test of time much better than others that are not handled in such a manner.

Most experts will tell you it can also help if you apply a protective covering or spray to cow hide rugs. This thin coating can help protect your rug from small infractions and assist in keeping it cleaner for a longer period of time. If you have any questions on the care and cleaning of your cowhide rug, seek the expert advice of a nearby carpet cleaning professional.
Source by Colin Chadwick