How To Clean A Wool Rug

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  • October 20, 2016
rug cleaning equipment

The best way to ensure your wool rug lasts a long time is to ensure that it is vacuumed quite often as dust and dirt tend to gradually damage the fibres causing wear and tear.

There is no such thing as using a special vacuum, they all do the same job but it is recommended that you avoid using the power brush head as they can damage the fibres.

Instead use a head attachment with none moving parts such as the ones you would use on your upholstery or drapes and gently suck the dirt away.

It is also recommended that you get your rugs professionally cleaned at least once per year, perhaps twice or thrice depending on how much traffic your rug experiences on a daily basis as professional carpet cleaners use heavy duty vacuums that are able to remove any dirt and dust hidden deep inside the fibres of your rug.