Choosing the Right Size Rug Pad for Your Rug

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  • January 30, 2017
rug pad

We all should have a rug pad under our area rug. The question I hear often is “what size rug pad do I need under my rug?” This question may receive different answers depending on who is answering yet there is no escaping the facts.

The facts on the best size rug pad for rugs is that the rug pad should measure less than your rug. This is true for a few reasons. Since rug pads all have some sort of thickness, it is important that the edge of your rug lies flat against the floor. If the rug pad is up to the edge of your rug, this could cause a trip hazard. Another disadvantage to having your rug edges off the floor is that heels of shoes may catch on the edge of the rug and cause the edge to curl and get worn.

Ideally, the rug pad should be an inch less than your rug size on all sides, or a total of two inches in each dimension. For example, if your rug measures 7’10” x 10’8″, your final rug pad size should be 7’8″ x 10’6″.

Besides avoiding trip hazards and causing premature wear to the edges of your rug, a pad should be a little smaller than your rug so that the rug lies flat and looks good. It is not proper to see the pad sticking out of the edge of your rug. By having the rug pad an inch less than your rug, the pad is hidden yet is still doing its job.

So now you know what size rug pad you need for your rug and the issue is making the pad the right size. Most online stores and brick and mortar retail stores offer rug pads in standard sizes and leave it up to you to trim the rug pad at home. This could be challenging depending on the type of rug pad you choose. A pair of heavy duty scissors should work for most pads.  A great feature of is that you are able to order the rug pad to the exact size of your rug. We understand how difficult it can be to cut your rug pad so simply type in your rug size during your order and your rug pad will be cut to the right size for your rug.
Source by Luis Santamaria