Carpet Cleaning- Interesting Tips On Doing It Yourself

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  • July 9, 2017
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Everyone today wants to take care of their carpets as they add extra glamor to the entire home décor. Deep cleaning of your rugs will keep them look fresh and prolong their life as well.  There are two ways of getting the job done for you; hiring a professional or do it yourself. Many people find that cleaning them on their own will be most suitable for their schedules and budgets. So, if you decide to take on the carpet cleaning challenge, consider the below-mentioned tips to get the results as per your own expectations.

•    Before beginning a cleaning process, remove all furniture from the room.

•    Do a thorough vacuuming.

•    Remove the soil from your rugs to get the best possible results.
•    Check the several cleaning systems.

•    Make your selection either by making a purchase or renting.

•    There are few rental companies that offer cleaning equipment similar to what professionals use.

•    You may easily get them in retail or grocery stores.

•    Extract all the cleaning solution from the rugs.

•    The equipment must allow your rugs to dry within 12 hours after they are cleaned.

•    If you are not certain about equipment’s ability, consult carpet manufacturer or retailer and ask for their recommendations.

•    Avoid over-wetting of rugs.

•    Avoid too much moisture as it may cause damage to your rugs.

•    Remember, prolonged dampness may allow mildew and bacterial to grow further.

•    Do not use too much water or detergent.

•    Try to find the products that can be best suited for your specific carpeting needs.

•    If your rug has wool or any other natural fiber, go for cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for them.

•    Remove remnants of the cleaning solution with a clear water rinse.

•    Avoid cleaning solutions that contain bleaches or brighteners.

•    Avoid solutions that may discolor your rugs.

•    Avoid silicone-based anti-soil treatments. They can cause permanent damage to your carpeting.

•    Help your carpet dry as quickly as possible.

•    Use fans to move air across the carpeting.

•    Use a dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air.

•    Don’t rub hard; this may damage the fibers.
•    Avoid using towels with synthetic fibers. They are not good absorbents.

•    Prevent the stains from spreading.

•    Avoid vigorous action of rubbing, as it may result in a fuzzy surface.

•    Always test cleaning solutions before treating the stains to make sure that they will not discolor your rugs’ fibers.

•    After the stains are removed, clean the affected area with clear water.

•    If the stains persist, contact your carpeting retailer to rescue your rugs.

•    If stains do not respond to mild detergents, use commercial spot removers to clean your rugs in a right way.

Stains are inevitable, but the prompt action and some smart steps can help you remove them carefully, retaining their original beauty. Thus, quick action is really essential.  It’s true that no carpeting is completely stain proof, but sooner you address this problem, the better your results would be. Carpet cleaners are easily available in many hardware or home improvement stores; just make sure to follow the directions carefully.