Carpet Buying Tips

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  • July 26, 2016
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Nothing feels better than the feeling of carpet under your feet plus it provides a safe, comfy spot for the kids to play on.

But with so many different color, materials and designs available nowadays it can be quite difficult to choose the best option for your home.

Some carpets require frequent cleaning which may not be an option if you have a busy daily schedule and some even may affect your health.

Here are some great tips to follow when buying a new carpet for your home.


Sometimes we tend to skimp on the carpet padding in order to save a few dollars but just as a building requires a solid foundation, a carpet relies on the padding for support, strength and cushioning.

Padding also helps in other ways such as helping to insulate the temperature of your home and to absorb sounds to help eliminate noise from your neighbors.

Carpet Styles

Carpets come in many styles, Plush, Saxony, Berber, Textured, etc.

These terms apply to the pile which is the surface that you see and is created from yarn tufts that are either folded over into loops, cut straight across or both.

While each style has a certain look, this shouldn’t be your main concern.

The real concern you should be noticing is how well your lifestyle blends with the carpet style.

Plush is made from a tightly twisted pile and is thick, soft and inviting but it also shows footprints and vacuum tracks.

Saxony is the most common type of carpet used and works best in low-traffic areas such as your bedroom.

Berber is crafted from continuous fiber loops and is flat and dense, it can have a level loop, cut-and-loop or multi-level loop design which makes it extremely durable and does not show tracks or soil making it the perfect carpet for high traffic areas.

Friezes are a cut-pile made from slightly twisted fibers and look less formal than plush but fancier than most Berbers, it is also soft on the feet yet great at hiding footprints and dirt.

Understand Maintenance Requirements 

It is always important to remember that depending on your lifestyle it may be better to stick with an easy to maintain carpet.

For example, if you have pets or young children it would be recommended to avoid a hard-to-clean shag or high-end rug.

Be sure to ask the Carpet Sales Person about cleaning and maintenance requirements before buying any carpet.

Find out whether you’ll need special equipment or product to clean the said carpet or just a regular vacuum or steamer will work.