Buyer’s Guide To Sofas

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  • April 17, 2017

Do you need a large sofa for family pile ups or a sofa bed for guests? Will it be blocking a door or radiator? Does it allow you to move around the room freely or are you confined to squeezing round the sides? These are questions to be seriously considered before making that all-important sofa purchase. Measuring your space is key and this includes making sure doors (or windows) are wide enough to get the couch inside in the first place.


As with beds, when buying a sofa you should choose the largest you can fit in your space without compromising the look of the room. How many people will it have to accommodate? A large sofa will comfortably seat three adults upright, but remember people like to spread out so don’t scrimp.


Very important. While low back sofas are perfect for rooms with low ceilings and may be a stylish statement, they may not offer the back support you require. High back sofas are more supportive but can crowd a room. Corner or modular sofas are a great way to make use of awkward spaces. Look for models with different configurations to find the perfect shape to fit your room. For a contemporary, vibrant look, check out the Vita Corner Sofa from Heals.


This will hugely affect both comfort and appearance. Foam-filled sofas have a firm feel and appearance and bounce back after being sat on. Feather-filled sofas have a more casual, squishy feel, and will need to be plumped daily to keep the sofa looking its best. Don’t forget to consider whether anyone has allergies. Tesco’s Athens Sofabed in dark chocolate brown is a good foam choice.

Rented accommodation:

Furnishing a rental property? The law requires you to make sure that all furniture complies with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations, which includes fire retardant sofa fillings and coverings. To prevent your floor getting scratched, invest in floor protectors.

Sofa beds:

Sofa bed need no longer mean an uncomfortable, futon-esque contraption that leaves guests wishing they hadn’t bothered visiting. They are particularly useful if you’re lacking a spare bedroom or have a small living space. Look out for ones that have a pull-out mechanism and proper mattress and remember to make sure you have enough room for them to extend.


The choices are endless and thousands of patterns, colours and weaves exist. Choose carefully if you opt for a patterned sofa though – they tend to date easily – so it’s best to choose a classic pattern or stripe. Alternatively, have removable covers made if you want to experiment with a bold look. Because fabric sofa covers are usually machine washable (read the manufacturer’s label carefully to avoid shrinkage and fading) they can remain to look good for longer too.

Source by Annie Deakin