A Fabric Deodorizer Can Effectively Eliminate Odors

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  • May 22, 2017
fabric deodorizer

Pet smell and cigarette smoke odors can linger in your home for days.  If you want your home to be odor free you will want to include a regular treatment with a fabric deodorizer to your cleaning regimen.  The trick to eliminating odors is to find a way to eliminate the odors and not simply mask them.  There are many methods that only serve to mask odors and never actually remove them.  When fabrics become laden with odors a product that only covers up the odor will add another layer of odors to be cleaned.  Usually, a product that masks an odor is only a temporary solution.  The use of a good fabric deodorizer can effectively remove odors from your home without masking them.  And they do not contain any harsh chemicals that could be dangerous in your home.

When the smell is particularly strong you might think that you should use a product that is as strong to remove it.  The use of a steam-cleaning machine is something that many people try to remove a strong odor.  The problem is that steam-cleaning machines will actually allow the odor to become set in.  You should make sure to use a good natural fabric and carpet deodorizer before you clean your carpet and drapes with a steam cleaner.  You should try to find one that uses natural ingredients and will not affect the air quality in your home.  The benefit of using a natural carpet and fabric deodorizer is that they do not mask the smell they actually remove it.

Before you begin cleaning your carpet you should check to see whether the odor has seeped through to the back of the carpet and padding.  You will have to lift up the carpet and examine the back for a stain.  If you do find a stain then you should treat the pad and backing with a fabric deodorizer and let it dry.  If it is not possible to lift your carpet and you are certain that the odor has gotten through, use a method to inject the fabric deodorizer directly into the carpet where it can reach beneath and into the pad.

Before you use a carpet deodorizer you will want to make sure you vacuum the carpet thoroughly and not use any powder deodorizers on the carpet before.  After vacuuming, you can now use the carpet deodorizer.  Make sure to read the instructions on the label.  Most products come in a spray bottle for an effective method to apply the deodorizer.  Smell the area once the product has dried to see if the odor persists.  Now that you have effectively removed the odor you can steam clean your carpet safely.

You can also apply the same process to deodorizing drapes and curtains.  You should do this on a regular basis or as a precursor to cleaning.  When you bring your curtains and drapes to the dry cleaner they will probably be using a steam cleaning or dry heat process so you should make sure to use a fabric deodorizer before you bring them in for cleaning.

Furniture is a good place to use a fabric deodorizer.  Furniture can become full of odors because of their use by people and pets.  They also can accumulate the odors that are in the air that is caused by smoke and cooking smells.  You should use the same process you used on your carpet.  Make sure you vacuum the furniture completely before you deodorize.  Then apply the deodorizer.  You should do a small test to determine that the product will not stain the fabric.  Using a natural fabric deodorizer is one way to minimise the risk of stains.

If an area has a strong or set in odor it may require a more thorough cleaning.  Make use of a fabric deodorizer regularly to keep the smell from returning after your initial treatment.  Odors like pet urine can cause a very strong odor and you will want to clean the area completely.  Using a good fabric deodorizer can help keep your pet from urinating in the same spot.  Once their scent is removed they will no longer wish to mark the area.  Your home will smell fresh and clean if you make use of a fabric deodorizer on a regular basis.