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How To Clean A Wool Rug

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The best way to ensure your wool rug lasts a long time is to ensure that it is vacuumed quite often as dust and dirt tend to gradually damage the fibres causing wear and tear. There is no such thing as using a special vacuum, they all do the same job but it is recommended that you avoid using the power brush head as they can damage the fibres. Instead use a head attachment with none moving parts such as the ones you would use on your upholstery or drapes and gently suck the dirt away. It is also recommended…

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How to Take Care of a Viscose Rug

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Caring for andĀ maintainingĀ a viscose rug Viscose, also known as Rayon, is a rather temperamental type of fibre. Because it’s a plant-based fibre, it can easily mimic the look of other carpets such as cotton or silk. However, being plant-based also means it’s rather weak, and therefore more susceptible to wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to know how to maintain our viscose rugs. Zen Carpet Cleaning has provided you with a list of tips to ensure you’re not throwing out your rug just months after purchasing it.

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