A Guide to Selecting an Outdoor Area Rug That Fits Your Space and Taste

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  • April 5, 2017
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When setting up your outdoor patio and/or play area one thing that helps accentuate your décor is an outdoor area rug. The materials and technology used in preserving and strengthen these materials used have to lead to outdoor area rugs that are vastly improved in look and durability. Finding the best outdoor area rug to fit your needs patio and play area needs, however, does require some pre-planning. These steps, if taken carefully, will help you in choosing the perfect outdoor area rug for you.

1) Price – A rug could be the perfect material, size and colour but if you’re not shopping in the right place you may not find an affordable choice. You have to buy an outdoor area rug that is affordable yet durable. Finding the balance between quality and price will require some research. Many low price stores simply sell cheap imported low-cost rugs that after a year or two of use will have degraded to a point of worthlessness. There is no point in buying a low-cost rug only to buy another two years down the road. On the other side of that coin, there are many stores – online and walk in, that base their pricing not on the quality of their rugs but on the perception of their name. You have to find a quality rug that looks good and will last at a fair price. This requires research!

2) Durability – Will your outdoor area rug be in a covered patio? A covering of any type makes a huge difference in the durability needed for an outdoor area rug. Not only will a patio overhang, shade sail, patio umbrella or gazebo help protect your rug from direct contact with rain, sleet or snow but it will also provide protection from UV rays. The heat from the sun can dry out and crack the materials often used in these rugs and damage them just as much as moisture and extreme cold. If you’re going to be in a covered area out of the sun’s direct rays with light foot traffic, you can spend more time researching the perfect size, pattern, shape and colour for your patio needs. If the outdoor area rug you need is to be outside and directly exposed, then more attention must be paid to the durability of the rug itself and the material used to the boarder and hold the rug together.

3) Space – Obviously you need to measure your outdoor patio area to see what size will fit best but also something to consider is the personality and flow of the outdoor space in question. A lot of people prefer a décor that flows with their deck design. Do you have a lot of curves in your landscaping and a flowing curved deck or does your backyard fit a more contemporary form with a lot of straight edges? Many outdoor area rugs come not only in abundance of sizes but in circular, oval, square and rectangle shapes to fill the desired space. Another thing to consider is storage. If you utilise a fire pit or fire bowl in fall/winter you may roll your outdoor area rug up for storage during those months. How much space will your rug take up during those months?

4) Colour – Last but not least what colour fits your outdoor scheme? Is your patio furniture natural woods such as teak? Or do you have a cast aluminium set? Should you match the colour of the tarp roof of your children’s play set in the yard? The materials used in outdoor area rugs can be dyed in 100’s of different types of colours. Keep in mind that many colours may look quite striking when viewing the rug alone, but when it’s on the ground and has furniture etc… in its proper place and in use it may throw the room off. Sometimes it’s best to keep with the basic/classic colours when going through the process of choosing which outdoor area rug is best.

Following the standards and procedures above will help you make a choice in a rug that will be a smart price, superior quality and look excellent in the décor of your patio.

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Source by Kari Smith