Carpet Cleaning

At Zen Carpet Cleaning, we offer the best cleaning services in Vancouver. Our goal is to bring freshness and peacefulness in your home, and by extension, your life. We want to take off the burden of cleaning your carpets and upholstery and give you the chance to take some time for yourself.

We know that a peaceful state of mind starts with physical comfort. There's nothing that brings more comfort than a clutter-free and clean space. In our homes, we are surrounded by tiny creatures known as dust mites. These pesky critters can disrupt your physical and psychological well-being. They live in your tapestries, carpets, in your bed, and towels, feeding off of your dead skin cells, and other forms of dust. In order to keep them under control, a regular cleaning routine is needed.

At Zen Carpet Cleaning, we will treat your carpets, armchairs, sofas, and any other piece of furniture like it’s our own.

You deserve your space to be as fresh and as welcoming as possible. Part of that means having a clean and calm space. We want to give you the chance of escaping all the pollutants that infiltrate our lives. Whether it's laying on your carpet mediating, reading a book, or reclining on your sofa while enjoying a glass of wine, we want to make sure that you get that inner peace back. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

That's why we want to make sure you know what you're paying for. As you may have noticed in our pricing, the cost for house, apartment and commercial cleanings differ. This is because we use different tools that ensure the cleanest results possible for a given area.

For example, apartments can be rather tricky, as carpet cleaning machines are generally mounted to trucks and can only extend a certain length, making it impossible to access certain floors of buildings. That's why Zen uses a portable carpet cleaning machine, so we can reach all of our apartment-dwelling customers and provide them with premium carpet cleaning services.

For carpet cleaning in houses, we use the Titan 575- one of the most durable and effective truck mounts on the market. The Titan excels in utilizing the three most important cleaning techniques: heat, agitation, dwelling, and chemicals. It reaches scorching hot temperatures, scrubs more aggressively, sits on the surface longer, and uses the highest quality chemicals (eco-friendly options available). Because our premium Titan machines are so effective, we charge a slightly higher rate for their use. We promise, you won't be disappointed with the results.

Commercial Carpet cleaning is priced on the basis of square footage. We handle commercial sites on a case to case basis and therefore we always send our account manager to take a look at the site. By doing so, we are able to provide our clients with the best price possible!

Give yourself the chance to re-balance and live comfortably.

Choose Zen Carpet Cleaning services in Vancouver to be your go-to for peace-of-mind cleaning.


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