Carpet Cleaning Repair Tips and Tricks

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  • April 9, 2017
carpet cleaning repair

If you think you’re the only one having a hard time when cleaning carpets, think again. Carpet cleaning can be rigorous not only for the person cleaning it but also for the carpet itself! Some carpets may be of high quality that it still comes out looking new after almost a century of vacuuming. However, most carpets are of average quality which will easily show signs of wear and damage once it has been cleaned over and over again. Thus, carpet cleaning repair tips can become handy for the average carpet owner.

Restoring Color

Obsessive carpet cleaning is one of the reasons why carpets lose their color. Whether they enjoy it or not, there are really some neat freaks who can’t help but clean their carpets as often as they can get the chance to, especially when the carpet is new. What these people don’t know is that cleaning can cause a lot of damage to a carpet especially with its color.

Another reason why the carpet’s color can fade is because of accidents involving bleach spills. These loss of carpet colors can be counteracted if you use a bleach stain carpet repair liquid.

A carpet repair liquid comes with easy-to-follow instructions and once applied properly on the carpet, it won’t be long until your carpet is restored to its original color. Some of these carpet repair liquid can even address color loss that is caused by over-exposure to the sun.


There are some people who are fond of placing and arranging their furniture on their carpet. Because of its weight, these furniture (such as a couch, coffee table, grandfather’s clock) can cause dents on the carpets. Fortunately, these dents can be removed by using simple household tools such as a hard-bristle brush.

Use this brush on the dented areas to loosen the tufts and allow them to stand up again like it was new. You can also use steam iron on the dented area while brushing it. Be cautious, however, that you do not let the iron touch the carpet. Simply hold the steam iron a few inches from the carpet, just close enough to allow the steam to soften the dented area. This is one important carpet cleaning tip that you might want to keep in mind especially if you like move your furniture around often.


Carpet shading is also one problem that you have to deal with in carpet cleaning, repair and maintenance. Shading is the noticeable difference of shades on different areas of your carpet. This happens when some areas like carpet edges and corners receive lesser vacuum runs than others. There is really no real remedy for carpet shading so it should be enough warning for you to know that such carpet problems exists in order to avoid it. When vacuuming, make sure that you evenly and equally vacuum all areas to prevent it from shading.
Source by Nikki Rowd