The 411 On Rug Cleaning

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  • March 29, 2017
rug cleaning equipment

Rugs can be found in almost every home, office, or any other establishment. They come in various types, materials, and styles. Depending on the rug’s type, the rug’s structure, the materials used to make the rug, the rug’s color, and the amount and kind of dirt or stain in the rug, there are various rug cleaning methods that can be used. Smaller rugs can do with simple hand or regular washing machine wash. The same goes for rugs with simple stains or not much dirt, as well as for rugs made of light fabrics and other materials that are easy to clean. However, bigger and heavier rugs, as well as rugs with heavy stains and dirt, usually require the use of special rug cleaning techniques. Some rug cleaning techniques require the use of a rug cleaning machine.

Rug Cleaning Machines

Companies that offer rug washing or rug cleaning services usually have rug cleaning machines to facilitate easier, better and faster rug cleaning. Rug cleaners usually start by washing the rugs by hand. After that, they wash the rugs again through rug washing machines. Rug washing machines mildly scrub rugs’ surfaces with the use of four sets of mechanical brushes made of soft nylon. These soft nylon bristles brush off dirt from within rugs’ crisscrossed layers and fibres. They make use of Ph-balanced soap and water in a high-powered jet. Rug washing machines’ brushes can be adjusted to the right height to best clean rugs based on their thickness.

Rug Cleaning Equipment: Rinsing

After the meticulous cleaning and scrubbing, rugs are then rinsed with a specialised rug rinsing equipment that allows for thorough rinsing. This rug cleaning equipment specially designed for rinsing effectively and thoroughly removes all residues of dirt and detergents from rugs’ fibres and layers. By carefully removing all unwanted and unnecessary particles caught in the rugs, the rugs’ natural texture is effectively restored. This rug cleaning equipment makes use of filtered soft water which is continuously added to rug’s surfaces to ensure that all residues of soap and dirt are washed away.

Rug Cleaning Detergent and Rug Cleaning Chemicals

The special rug cleaning detergent and rug cleaning chemicals used in rug cleaning are both mild and tough. They effectively and meticulously soften and remove the dirt on rugs while keeping the color, design, and natural texture of the rugs. The Ph or acidity level of rug cleaning detergents is chemically balanced so as to avoid damaging the rug’s texture and appearance.

Steam Rug Cleaning

There are various methods of rug cleaning and one of them is steam rug cleaning. As the name implies, this method makes use of steam in cleaning. It is usually used for more delicate rugs that can be damaged with direct cleaning. By using this technique, direct contact to the rug is avoided or lessened, thus, lessening the tendency of the rug being damaged.

How dirty is your rug?

To determine what type of cleaning your rug needs, it’s important that you know the type of material used for your rug and how dirty your rug has gotten. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Rub your palm on your rug for about 5 to 10 seconds and if your palm accumulates dirt, then it’s time for your rug to get some cleaning.

2. Hold your rug in at one corner and kick the back of the rug. If a cloud of dust comes out, it’s time for rug cleaning.

3. Check the weft and the warp of the rugs and see if there’s a collection of dirt in areas that your vacuum cleaner could not reach its time for rug cleaning.
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